Salad rocket (rucola) (Eruca sativa)


Cabbage family (Brassicaceae or Cruciferae)

Salad rocket (rucola)
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> Seeding: from March to September
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> Planting: from end of April to end of October
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> Distance: 15.00 – 20.0 cm x 10.0 – 15.00 cm
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> Harvest: If sown: from 3 weeks after seeding to 6 weeks after seeding, if planted: from May to October. Not before May and not after October (Rucoli (rugula, colewort, roquette)), year 1: If sown: 3 weeks after seeding, if planted: 3 weeks after planting (Perennial wall-rocket (wild rocket, sand rocket, Lincoln weed, white rocket))
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> Habitat: sunny, shade
glyphicon <%# Eval("Title") %> It is winter-hardy. Salad rocket can also be grown in pots.
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The annual salad rocket is mostly planted in our gardens.
It is suitable for growing sprouts all year round.


It prefers it to be bright and not too warm. Out in the open, it prefers sunny to partial shade.


Propagation by seed.




Plants that are well suited for next year cultivation:

(not specified)


The following plants should not be planted in the following years:

How many years: Not to plant:


It is winter-hardy.


Only water and fertilise a little. Dryness and heat will immediately cause flowers to form.
Salad rocket can also be grown in pots.


Pests: Snails.
Preventative measures: Companion planting with chervil keeps snails away.


Harvest when it is 10 to 15 cm. Do not cut the leaves off too low and then you will be able to harvest several times.
Old leaves are bitter.


Like all salads, rocket wilts quickly. Place a cold, moist tea towel over the rocket and it will keep fresh for a few days in the fridge.


Rocket tastes spicy and is used raw in salads. It can also be added to sauces.


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