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#1 Posted : 30 March 2024 02:53:21(UTC)

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Graitec.Advance.Suite.2012 Win32_64-ISO
Graitec Advance Steel v2014 Win32_64-ISO
Graitec ArchiWizard 2024.0 v12.0.0 Multilingual Win64
Graitec ArchiWIZARD 2019 7.0.1 Win32_64
Graitec Archiwizard 2016 v4.2.0 Premium Win32_64
Graitec Master 2023
Graitec OMD 2023 Win64
Graitec.OMD.2022 Win32_64-ISO
Graitec (ex. Arktec) Tricalc 2024.0 build 2023.06.27 incl. Advance CAD 2024.0 build 2023.05.25
IdeCAD Structural IDS v5.14
IdeCAD Architectural IDS v5.14
StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v22.00.003 Win64
StruSoft FEM-Design Suite v15.00.002
StruSoft PRE-Stress v6.7.28
StruSoft PREF AB 22.0.1 Win64
Frame Analysis 6.5.8,Masonry Design 6.5.5,Punching 6.5.1,Retaining Wall 6.5.2,SBI Steel Connections 6.5.2,Settlement 6.5.2)
ATIR STRAP 2021 build 110 + BEAMD 2020 build 105
Atir.Strap 2018 build 105 And.BeamD.2018
Microstran Limcon v03.63.02.04
Microstran MStower v06.20.02.04
IEZ Speedikon A v6.545 BiLiNGUAL
IEZ Speedikon A v6.545 Bilingual-ISO
IEZ Speedikon M v6.5.47
IEZ Speedikon M v6.5.47 ADDON
IEZ Speedikon MI Industriebau v6.5.47 BiLiNGUAL
IEZ Speedikon MI Industriebau v6.5.47 Addon
StructurePoint spColumn 10.10
StructurePoint spColumn 7.00 Win64
StructurePoint spMats 8.12
StructurePoint Concrete Software Solutions
spBeam v3.60
spColumn v4.81
spFrame v1.50
spMats v8.00
spSlab v3.60
spWall v4.02
PCA COL v2.0
PCA spBeam v3.50
PCA spColumn v4.81
PCA spFrame v1.50
PCA spMats v7.51
PCA spSlab v3.50
PCA spWall v4.02
StructurePoint spMats v8.00
Aluminium Design v3.2
Composite Steel Design v2.1
Concrete Beam v3.0
Concrete Column v3.0
Flat Slab Analysis and Design v2.2
General Section Properties v2.1
Group Pile Analysis v2.2
Masonry Wall v7.0
Multiple Load Footing v4.6
TGPILES v2012.08
Pile Cap Analysis and Design v2013.11
Retaining Wall v8.0
Shear Wall Analysis v2.0
Spread Footing v3.2
Static Pile Analysis v2.1
Steel Design v6.2
Timber Design v11.2
VersaFrame v7.1
Wind Analysis v8.0 v9.1
Digital Canal SolidBuilder 21.2
Digital Canal Concrete Beam v2.0
Digital Canal Concrete Column v2.3
Digital Canal Frame v16.0F SR3
Digital Canal Masonry Wall v5.8
Digital Canal Multiple Load Footing v4.5
Digital Canal Quick Wall v5.7
Digital Canal Spread Footing v2.3
Digital Canal Wind Analysys v6.8
ScrewPUMP v2.0
DataCAD v22.00.08.01
Leap SoftWare Axsys v4.1.0
Leap SoftWare Conspan v3.10
Leap SoftWare Presto v8.6.1
Leap SoftWare Consplice v1.2.2
LeapSoft Conbox v7.0.1
LeapSoft Conspan Rating v7.0.1
LeapSoft Consys v1.3.0
LeapSoft Geomath v7.0.0
LeapSoft RC-Pier v7.0.0
Finite Element Analysis LUSAS Academic v19.0-2c1
LUSAS Finite Element Analysis Suite (Academic) v15.0.01
AAS MIDUSS v2.25 rev 473
AceCad StruCad v11.0-ISO
Air Humid Handling v2004 Multilingual
Auditor H20 v1.6
SANKOM Audytor C.O. v3.8
SANKOM Audytor C.H.(eng) C.O.(rus) v6.0
SANKOM Audytor OZC v6.1(eng) v6.9(rus)
SANKOM Audytor SDG v2.0(eng)
Dimansional Solutions Combined 3D v5.0.0
Dimansional Solutions DsAnchor v4.3.0
Dimansional Solutions Foundation 3D v5.0.0
Dimansional Solutions Mat 3D v5.0.0
Dimansional Solutions Shaft 3D v5.0.0
Elite Software Audit v7.02.35
Elite Software Chvac v7.01.45
Elite Software DuctSize v6.01.224
Elite Software DPipe v2.00.18
Elite Software E-Tools v1.01.19
Elite Software ECA v4.0.22
Elite Software GasVent v2.09.19
Elite Software Hsym v2.062
Elite Software PsyChart v2.01.35
Elite Software Quote v2.0.39
Elite Software Rhvac v8.01.202
Elite Software Refrig v3.00.67
Elite Software SPipe v2.00.26
HVAC Solution Pro 2021.6.11
HVAC Solution Professional v9.6.2.1
CivilTech Allpile v7.3B Full
CivilTech Liquefy Pro v4.5D
CivilTech Superlog v4.1D
ADAPT-ABI 2019 Win64
Adapt ABI v4.50.3
ADAPT-Builder 2019.2 Win64
ADAPT.Builder.2012.build.2012.3.0.3020 Win32_64
Adapt Builder ABI 2009 Plus 2.0
Adapt Builder EX v3.2
Adapt RC 2010 Build 2
Nemetschek Allplan 2024.0.0 Win64
Nemetschek Allplan 2022.0.6 + Bridge 2022 Win64
Nemetschek Allplan 2022.1.0 incl. IBD Planungsdaten 2022
Nemetschek Allplan BIM v2013 Win32_64 MultiLanguage-ISO
Nemetschek Allplan v2014 Win32_64 MultiLanguage-ISO
Nemetschek Frilo R-2011-1-SL2B Retail
Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2019 v19.0.1219 Win32
Nemetschek Vectorworks.2014.MacOSX-ISO
Nemetschek VectorWorks RenderWorks Addon v11.0 WiN32
Nemetschek PlanDesign v2004.0 MultiLanguage Working
Design Data SDS/2 2020.04 Detailing Win64
Design Data SDS/2 v7.135
Design Data SDS/2 v7.025
Acecoms Gear2003 v2.1.rev5
DDS Arcpartner v6.4
DDS Construction Partner v6.4
SAM-LEAP Classic v6.2.4
TDV RM 2004 v9.15.03
TDV Rm SpaceFrame 2004 v9.0
Unisoft GS Softwares 2017
Unisettle v4.0 & Unipile v5.0
Unisoft Unibear v1.2
Unisoft Uniphase v2.1
Unisoft Unipile v4.0
Unisoft Unisettle v3.0
Unisoft Unitest v3.2
Trimble Vico Office v4.7 MR1
Trimble RealWorks v6.5
TRimble Terramodel 10.60 & 10.61 Update-ISO
Radimpex Tower 2016 & ArmCAD 2016 & MetalStudio 2016
Radimpex tower7 v7.5.20
Radimpex Tower v7.0 Build 7129
FE-Design Tosca Structure v7.11.Win32_64
FE-Design Tosca v5.0 for LINUX
Cats 2002 incl update 203 and CatsCalc R2-ISO
UGMT buildingEXODUS v4.0 WiN32
Bentley Adina Ultimate 2023 CONNECT Edition v23.00.00.306 Win64
Bentley Adina v9.10.00.333 Win64
Bentley ADINA CONNECT Edition (SES) Update 9 v09.09.00.174 Win64
Bentley Acute3D Viewer Win32_64
Bentley Acute3D ContextCapture Center v10.18.00.232 Update 18
Bentley Acute3D & ContexCapture Center CONNECT Edition(SES) v04.04.13.514 Update 13 Win64
Bentley Context Capture Center Edition v10.16.00.75 Update 16 Win64
Bentley ContexCapture Center Update 13 v4.4.13.514.Win64
Bentley Acute3D ContextCapture Master
Bentley Acute 3D & ContextCapture Center Master v4.00.5556 Win64
Bentley AssetWise ALIM ProjectWise Connector CONNECT Edition v02.05.00.42 Win64
Bentley AssetWise CDE v16.06.20.11
Bentley AECOsim Energy Simulator V8i (SELECTseries 1)
Bentley Architecture V8i
Bentley AutoPLANT Drawing Flattener V8i (SELECTSeries 6) Win32_64
Bentley AutoPLANT i-model Composer V8i SS4 v08.11.09.14
Bentley AutoPLANT Object Enabler V8i v08.11.11.113 Win64
Bentley AutoPLANT P&ID V8i v08.11.08.123 Win32
Bentley AutoPLANT Modeler V8i SELECTseries 6 v8.11.11.113 & Class Editor V8i
Bentley AutoPLANT Modeler V8i v08.11.10.182 Win32_64
Bentley AutoPLANT Modeler V8i Win64
Bentley AutoPLANT Plant Design V8i SELECTseries 3 v8.11.8.123 Win32_64
Bentley AutoPLANT Plant Design V8i v08.11.09.140 Win32_64
Bentley AutoPLANT 2004 Edition
Prerequisites and Common Tools for AutoPLANT Applications v8i Win64
Bentley Automation Service CONNECT Edition v10.00.03.125 Win64
Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (SES) 2023 v23.00.00.230 Multilingual Win32
Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition(SES) Update 8 v12.08.03.15 (Chinese (Simplified))
Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition(SES) Update 8 v12.08.04.09 (English)
Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel CONNECT Edition V42 Update 3 v42.03.00.10 Win64
Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1 MR1
Bentley AutoPIPE Advanced CONNECT Edition (SES) Update 8 v12.08.00.63 Win32
Bentley AutoPIPE Advanced V8i SELECTseries 5 v09.06.01.10 & Nozzle
Bentley AXSYS Engine CONNECT Edition
Bentley AXSYS.Integrity.v08.11.09.52
Bentley AXSYS Process CONNECT Edition
Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i
Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i for AutoCAD
Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8i (SELECTseries 1) United Kingdom

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