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#1 Posted : 03 November 2023 19:59:36(UTC)

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Finally, there are new evolutions in FC 24, and today, we're here to show you the best new meta players that you can evolve for an affordable price. If you're in need of fast and reliable FC 24 coins, be sure to check out MMOexp and use the code "Matt HD" to get 5% off all your orders.

Centurion's Attacking Midfielders

In the world of FC 24, Centurion's Attacking Midfielders are a coveted position, and evolving the right player can make a significant difference. To evolve a player to this position, you need an overall rating of at least 83, 82 in pace, 82 in shooting, 85 in dribbling, and 70 in defending. Additionally, the player should have a maximum of 7 play styles. Let's take a look at some of the best options.

In-Form Lee Kangin:

An unexpected choice, In-Form Lee Kangin is an excellent option. His stats are outstanding, and he can be evolved from 83 to 86, all for an affordable price of around 18,000 coins. He's versatile, capable of playing in multiple positions, and his 87 finishing makes him a potent striker.

Lun from Manchester United:

With an overall rating of 87, Lun from Manchester United is another top choice. His dribbling and finishing stats are exceptional, and he comes with five-star skill moves and four-star weak foot. A truly versatile and deadly option.

Claudia Pena from Barcelona:

Claudia Pena's final evolved Centurion's Attacking Mid card boasts incredible stats, including 93 finishing. If you have players like Pelé or Bon Mass in your team, evolving Claudia Pena will be a game-changer.

Aera from Spain:

Aera, an 86-rated card from Spain, offers impressive stats with 90 finishing, 98 balance, and 97 agility. He's a versatile player who can excel in the CAM position.

Lucas Ptic:

If you prefer the Premier League, consider evolving Lucas Ptic, an 85-rated card with 90 dribbling. He comes with five-star skill moves and five-star weak foot, making him a valuable asset.


Mallister is a solid choice for those who need a CDM, Center Mid, or CAM. With an 86 rating and four play styles, he offers great versatility and performance.

These options cater to different playstyles and preferences, so you can choose the EA FC 24 Coins one that best suits your team.

Centurion Strikers

FC 24 also introduces Centurion Strikers, and we've got some exciting choices for you. These players receive a pace boost and a new play style, and evolving them can significantly enhance your attacking options.

Romelu Lukaku:

Lukaku's Centurion Striker evolution boosts his sprint speed from 80 to 94, making him a formidable striker. His stats include 89 finishing and 94 sprint speed, making him a compelling choice.

Memphis Depay:

With 89 pace and 87 overall rating, Memphis Depay offers a dynamic attacking option. He can play as a striker, CAM, or Center Forward, providing versatility and an 87 rating.

Fil Gassi:

Fil Gassi might be one of the best choices, evolving from an 84 to an 87-rated Striker. With 96 shot power, he is a devastating presence in front of the goal.


Shean is an 86-rated card with outstanding stats. While not the easiest player to link, his overall performance and versatility make him a valuable addition to your team.

Lee Kangin:

If you have Lee Kangin, you can use him for this evolution as well. He offers a viable option at an 85 rating.

These Centurion Strikers bring new dimensions to your attacking force, and choosing the right one can significantly impact your gameplay.

Bronze Card Evolutions

FC 24 also allows you to evolve bronze cards to higher ratings, giving you an opportunity to enhance your team's overall performance. For example, evolving a cheap Messi card from bronze to gold results in an 87 rating, showcasing the potential of these evolutions.

Additional Options

There are more exciting options to explore, including cards like Beck and Ferguson. Each evolution path has unique requirements, and you can choose the one that suits your team's needs.

FC 24's new evolutions offer fantastic opportunities to upgrade your team with powerful and versatile players. From Centurion Attacking Midfielders to Centurion Strikers, and even bronze card evolutions, there are numerous paths to explore. Your choice should align with your team's requirements and playstyle, so make sure to consider the options and plan your evolution strategy carefully.

Which card will you evolve to elevate your FC 24 experience? Share your thoughts in the comments and cheap FC 24 Coins get ready to enjoy the game with these exciting new additions to your squad.
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