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#1 Posted : 31 October 2021 21:20:28(UTC)

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What aspects of UV aging box can save energy and reduce consumption

The UV aging box uses a special fluorescent UV lamp tube to simulate sunlight, and uses condensation humidity and water spray to simulate dew and rain to truly reproduce the damage of textile materials caused by sunlight. The simple and mature design of the UV aging box makes it easy to install and use, and almost maintenance-free. Its operation is fully automated, that is, it can run without interruption around the clock.

What aspects of UV aging box can save energy and reduce consumption:

1. The heat preservation performance of the UV aging box must be good. This must work hard on the insulation library body, and every manufacturer of its equipment will do it. It's just that some manufacturers save the surrounding insulation structure in order to save production costs, which will also cause the loss of heat during operation and increase the heating output at constant temperature.

2. The circulating fan must run continuously during operation, which is also a relatively large part of the energy loss of the UV aging box during operation. This aspect of energy saving is more intuitive. See which equipment has the lower the overall power of the wind motor, and the higher the energy saving (under the same heating capacity).

3. The use of equipment must be clear, and the high temperature range cannot be arbitrarily stated, which will cause confusion to the designer and increase the number of energy designs. For example, it is a UV aging box of a specific size. If it is designed according to 50 degrees, it may only need 12KW heating power, but if it is designed according to 70 degrees, it needs at least 14KW heating power. In this way, the 50-degree design will save more material and heating than the 70-degree design.

The control system of the UV aging box;
   1. The black aluminum plate is used to connect the temperature sensor, and the blackboard temperature meter is used to control the heating, and the temperature is more stable.
  2. The radiometer probe adopts a fixed type, no need to install and unload each time.
  3. The radiation amount adopts a high-precision ultraviolet ray meter for display and measurement.
  4, the radiance is not more than 50W/ m2.
   5. Illumination and condensation can be controlled independently and can be controlled alternately.
  6. ​​The independent control time of illumination and condensation and the alternate cycle control time can be set arbitrarily within one thousand hours.

  UV aging box has the characteristics of sunlight UV simulation, low maintenance cost and easy to use. The equipment adopts a programmable controller to automatically run the test cycle, high degree of automation, good lighting stability, and high test results reproducibility. The UV aging box is suitable for assessing the aging test of various products or materials and products in the plastics, coatings, rubber, paint, petrochemical, automotive, textile and other industries.

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